what's all this for?


well, as im sure you can tell, its a whole lot of tsumugi aoba. for obvious reasons that youve read other places on the site, i think about him a whole lot! this is just a collection of images, art, and writing about him and related characters.

do not use the art on this page for your own purposes (icons, headers, etc.). do not repost the art on this page. if you see my art posted anywhere except from me directly on discord i did not post it, please ask them to take it down or report it.


ntmg roundup


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weird nightmare


muppetmugi escapes me

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monsieur natsume


this was drawn over a screenshot of madame gina from my favorite ghibli movie, porco rosso. according to the screenshots i sent my friends throughout the process this took around 4 hours, though id take at least an hour off of that. i have a tendency to goof off when drawing.
i think if i made a serious porco rosso au for natsumugi id make natsume marco and tsumugi would be gina. tsumugi waiting every day for natsume to come see him, natsumes internal struggle of moving on "without" the oddballs. eichi probably wouldnt exist here, so maybe shu could be tsumugis deceased husband? in an idealized world where shumugi wouldnt be my dream trainwreck, of course. without eichi, tsumugi wouldve remained shus "dear friend" (homosexual lingo), so i think itd be more accurate.

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