home of your humming bluebird ♫

welcome to redstring

im soleil and this is my little slice of the world wide web :], im just a dude. a little guy even. and on this site youll find (hopefully) all sorts of things! almost all related to my interests or just things i generally enjoy.

i hope you enjoy your stay!

where can you find me?

as of june 2022, im on tumblr! you can (occasionally) find me at propheticstar if youd like to drop by. otherwise feel free to drop something in my cbox below or email me at!
the bluebird of happiness dreams of the day you open that door and step inside... and just anticipating it fills me with so much happiness.


08/29/22 quite the round up- new blog page (archive for old blog soon) and a new section + page... have fun in the wackzone (landfill)

08/10/22 new about page, i spent a long time writing it

08/08/22 new blog post

08/04/22 new! home! page! as well as index! i plan on working on the rest of the pages soon!!
warning: atm old pages will redirect back to index.html and not home.html