> welcome to my minecraft screenshot dump. this is for my current world, started 11/24/2022 on beta 1.7.3. click me to go home.
if youre wondering about the lack of hostile mobs... i play on peaceful a lot lolz.

2022-11-24_21.44.53.png / first time in the nether

2022-11-24_21.30.23.png / my first diamond pickaxe!

2022-11-24_21.25.35.png / DIAMONDS!

2022-11-24_21.14.44.png / first gold obtained!

2022-11-24_10.44.09.png / so. much. PORK.

2022-11-24_10.27.03.png / the sunset from the top of my base

2022-11-24_10.26.20.png / the view!

2022-11-24_10.08.52.png / my base at night