home of your humming bluebird ♫

this is a personal collage of sorts, all held together by a red string ♡ (almost literally). this site is dedicated to whatever i choose to create and upload. i am self taught in basically all of my skills and will be attempting to use them to express myself and my interests on here. everything is a constant wip and i have many plans that might take a while to be seen.

i hope you enjoy your stay!

contact details

i dont have any active, public social media and dont see this changing in the near or late future. you can email me at autopsykit@gmail.com if you want to get in touch.

the bluebird of happiness dreams of the day you open that door and step inside... and just anticipating it fills me with so much happiness.

12/20/22 new home page and index, added guestbook and removed cbox

11/25/22 more homepage changes, added media log, added minecraft page, added new buttons (you can keep using the old ones!)

11/15/22 hosting (almost) all images on site again

11/14/22 about now leads to 404 for future revamp, minor homepage changes, uploaded shell shrine for natsume sakasaki

08/29/22 quite the round up- new blog page (archive for old blog soon) and a new section + page... have fun in the wackzone (landfill)

08/10/22 new about page, i spent a long time writing it

08/08/22 new blog post

08/04/22 new! home! page! as well as index! i plan on working on the rest of the pages soon!!



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