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name: shumai aka maimai
age: 1 year (est.)
birthday: all of february
marking: hooded
favorite foods: popcorn, carrots, apples, broccoli, spaghetti

maimai emojis

custom maimai emojis that i use on discord :]


born some time in february 2021 (estimated), maimai spent her first 6 months (approximate) in the care of our local pet shop, where they mainly breed rodent and rodent adjacent animals. not much is known about this time other than she has a small scar on the base of her tail and came to us ever the grouchy woman she used to be.

on august 20th, 2021 we brought her home as a single rat due to her behavioral issues and despite the bites and scratches, she eventually warmed up and became the sweet cuddlebug she is today. its almost night and day seeing how she used to be so violent and now all she wants to do is sit on peoples shoulders and lick them.

maimai currently spends her days sleeping on my bed, stealing my trinkets, and eating her favorite snacks. we are looking to adopt a second rat soon.


the first pic of maimai
comfiest nap ever
the tiniest
get off her lawn!!!
mochimochi mascot size
wonky woman
hanukkah 2021
friends :]
real comfy
made by esther
shes bad at watching movies