redstring the bluebird of happiness dreams of the day you open that door and step inside... and just anticipating it fills me with so much happiness.
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welcome to redstring!

im soleil and this is my little slice of the world wide web :], im just a dude. a little guy even. and on this site youll find (hopefully) all sorts of things! almost all related to my interests or just things i generally enjoy.

i hope you enjoy your stay!

where you can find me!

as of june 2022, im on tumblr! you can find me at propheticstar if youd like to drop by. otherwise feel free to drop something in my cbox below or email me at!

WARNING! many pages on this site include auto play! please mute if thats an issue :]


05/09/22 new blog post, adjusted homepage to fit my newly found social media existence

05/09/22 happy may! just added a button :]

04/29/22 more minor blog adjustments (accordian directory, aesthetic details, etc.) and a new page for my pronouns

04/17/22 added an overlay song (k.k. lovers) + more ac graphics to my blog and added some more site buttons!!

04/16/22 new blog post, new song, and a blog aesthetic overhaul!

03/21/22 new blog post (+ added more quiz results to my about page)

03/17/22 put up the blog! im planning on making a more interesting, fun page but i wanted to get that specific blog post out before midnight

03/17/22 behold! an about page!

03/14/22 learned how iframes work LOL, condensed song journal and added more the the homepage

03/12/22 new homepage

03/07/22 homepage adjustments, added buttons to some of my fave sites and some resource links

03/06/22 updated about.html, added a link to my rat shrine, uploaded a plethora of rat images for the rat shrine

03/05/22 removed a few css files in favor of in page css, added a link to my switch shrine, created a 404.html, created an internal directory for all images, and made minor aesthetic changes

03/03/22 added pages for my d&d characters

03/02/22 recoded the entire site. again. new site is now up and running!

soleil 2021-20XX