halloween & anime

october 31st, 2022

i dont think ive ever really liked halloween, as blasphemous as that is to say, im sure.

not that thats really what i want to talk about.

ive been trying to get into anime recently. ive never truly ever been an anime guy, ive seen a few yea, but not really something i actively pay attention to. most of my entries are game-centric or spin off games, most recently: love live & revue starlight (attatched above is a screenshot redraw i did of nana daiba in episode 7), so i made a watchlist.

the most common genres of what ive picked out are comedy, romance, and slice of life if that tells you anything about my tastes.

im planning on keeping a journal about what ive seen and if i liked it, i might make a page on here and share those depending on how well it goes. im working on pages, by the way. first and foremost my natsume shrine is almost done. im also planning on updating my about and adding to it, somewhat. i have a few things for my tsumugi page as well. and some others im not so confident ill be uploading yet.

im really happy with my site right now, i think this blog page is still my favorite so far even though im still adding to it in parts. i think it captures exactly how id want a diary to feel.