coffee, coffee, coffee

november 25th, 2022

late happy day of lots of food and delicious pies. i dont really have much i want to talk about at the moment, especially since ive dedicated a page to dumping any recent media thoughts, but i wanted to share my kind of ass "peppermint mocha" coffee recipe. i love coffee, i also know literally nothing about it other than it tastes good and you can add things to it to taste better. sadly i have no relevant pictures, so take a pic of some blueberry pie. instead.

soleil's super delicious "peppermint mocha"* coffee

> whatever coffee you want, preferrably unflavored, my choice is cheap columbian coffee from the corner store
> whatever hot cocoa mix you want, again, cheap corner store brand
> creamer, mine is french vanilla because its for some reason cheaper than unflavored creamer at my local corner store
> peppermint ice cream, were going there. it can have chocolate chips or it can be plain peppermint (which exists! i didnt know that), for this and this only... i splurged and got friendly's brand mint chocolate chip
> some sugar, which i promise will not make it too sweet unless you dump like way more than you need in

super good process explanation
1. obviously, brew your coffee however you would like to
2. the amount you put in of the "flavor" ingredients depends on how much coffee you make, but for half a regular carafe (which is what i fit into my large tumbler) i add (estimated by someone who has never used measuring spoons) 1tsp of sugar, 1tbs of ice cream, 1tbs of hot cocoa mix, and only a little creamer because i like my coffee strong and dark.
3. i dont know how steps work so first you put in the sugar, cocoa mix, and ice cream and let the ice cream start to melt while your coffee brews
4. pour in hot coffee and mix until the ice cream fully melts
5. add your chosen amount of creamer
6. enjoy your very delicious coffee that i promise tastes good. im drinking it right now.

*in quotations because according to google, a "peppermint mocha" is a type of latte made with espresso and other things, not just any coffee you put in a cup and flavor, not that i will let a google search define my drink titling.