almost, almost

august 29th, 2022

dear, oh dear, do you enjoy the new page? i have to say im quite happy with it, even if ill come back later and add a million more things. i do, of course, want to include the new "wackzone" in my question, the tsumugi page may be a little barren, but i can promise ill fill it with a few more interesting things soon! over all im very excited and happy with my newest site update.

now for some life! we turn 21 in just under a month, and for our birthday ive decided to treat myself and my other kafka loving headmates to physical copies of both letters to milena and his published diaries! i wouldve gotten quite a few other books (letters to felice, the lost writings, kafkas drawings, etc etc), but they were terribly hard to find used (or to find cheap at all) so ive picked out my personal two favorites! to help truly indulged ive bought sticky tabs and sticky notes as well. the latter two already arrived this past weekend and the books will be here tomorrow.

my d&d group finally met again! the eleventh(?) session for our wild beyond the witchlight campaign. my sweet meadow... i think my party thinks he's evil. ever since we stepped foot in this side of the feywild everyone is adressing dear meadow froghopper by name! i actually dont know why, ive let my dm write meadows backstory (he doesnt remember) so its definitely been a trip having everyone suddenly know your character or recognize him as a resident of this side of the wilds! ive gotten quite the collection of delicious meadow lore, especially in these past two sessions. below ive left a transcript of the dream meadow recieved at the end of session ten, lexi you are such a wonderful dm! i nearly had a heart attack when you called me into the one on one chat for this.

Meadow falls asleep, and is greeted by a memory in 3rd person POV. They are younger, laying on a small cot of straw and cloth, surrounded by circus posters, small dolls, clown costumes and trinkets. The room is otherwise pitch black. A gorgeous woman with cloudlike hair ponders over their sleeping form.

“Meadow, this is your goddess mother. As soon as you enter the fey carnival, the hag will take all of your memories. Naeryx and Urmius have agreed to take good care of you. This is the price that must be paid to keep you safe. You will not forget your kindness, your humility… your love of trickery or or helping others. Meadow, I hope that if you find these memories, you understand why I took them from you. I hope you understand that you are not a bad person.
"Should you find yourself nearby and in need of a friend, speak with the treant. He may know what direction to point you in."

The memory fades to black, inciting a comforting feeling. However, the ambiance sours as Meadow's dream places him in a 1st person POV. In front of them, they see the horrified face of the dwarven man they had seen earlier. They look down at their own hands, seeping with a black ooze, and then back up to see the stone-petrified faces of people they vaguely remember. Then they awake in a cold sweat.

p.s. minor context: meadow is not "part god", hes a firbolg who worships the giantfolk goddess diancastra. he considers her his mother and writes letters to her