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with the perfected manners of a nobleman, what would be a very charming personality is offset with just how strange the rest of him is; amos is an off putting and eccentric character, he is extremely scattered and seems almost as if he weren’t “all there”. he often rambles, talking over others or downright ignoring them, and is generally very “slimy”. having been on the run for over a decade, it seems amos has lost a few screws over the years of living in sewers and seedy bars.


amos has a very lanky build, tall, thin, and boney. he dresses in clearly second hand, yet still very noble fashion paired with more gaudy accessories and messy makeup. his hair is in a self cut mullet, choppy in some areas and clean in others, and dyed a filthy green. his hair is naturally an auburn color. amos is very pale and sickly looking, with veins exposed and near constantly reddened cheeks and nose. other notable features are his strong roman nose, droopy and tired eyes, beauty mark under his right eye, nicked chin, and tooth gap.


though somewhat famous in the criminal underground, not much is known about where amos comes from.

name: "amos"
age: 28 years
id: gay, he/him
race: human
class: lv.1 sorcerer
subclass: aberrant mind
align.: true neutral
background: criminal
status: inactive, alive

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