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name: soleil
age: 20
pronouns: he/it/neos
orientation: gay
location: east coast
ethnicity: white jew
align.: true neutral
species: humanoid*
class: wizard
*(detects as undead)


genres: any combo of the words indie, alternative, pop, rock, and geek

artists: paramore, bastille, i fight dragons, walk the moon, weezer, the oh hellos, marianas trench, sunset rollercoaster, dom fera, the weeknd, the family crest, jukebox the ghost


general: zombies, dungeons & dragons, web design, video games, horror, unfiction

media: dragon age, critical role, war & peace / natasha pierre and the great comet of 1812, star trek, mass effect, hannibal, ensemble stars, twilight, stardew valley, left 4 dead, cloverfield, genshin impact, cookie run

favorite characters (hover for names)

the sols

the first three are the only fictive sources i care about enough to claim, the rest are just sol-core characters, kins if you will!
so, who the fuck is this guy?
hello and welcome! as stated in the index, im soleil :] also known as sol, sollux, and any word for "sun" (and maybe some others). im a horribly autistic rat dad.

i like to see myself as a "cool" older brother type, though most often i get called more of a grandpa or hag by a lot of my friends TT. most people guesstimate that im anywhere between 20 and 2000 years old, but im glad to inform you its on the lower end.

im an enjoyer of many of your "classic nerd things"; sci fi, fantasy, video games, table top games, and most other things in the vein. im also a critter, gacha... "enthusiast", and enjoyer of puzzle and strategy games! my most cherished hobbies are overthinking and overanalyzing media, web design, drawing, dungeons and dragons, and pretending im going to relearn piano, going as far as to buy a $100 keybord, and then not doing that!


"if neon green had opinions on mass effect" & "[insert my home address here]"- esther

"Inherently huggable person" & "Number 1 Lesbian Ally"- lexi

"if you were a fictional character people would call u skrunkly"- yeyuan

"capitalisms worse enemy 🔥"- ophelia

"my favorite hamster hehe"- angelo

proxima centauri

you are listening to proxima centauri by i fight dragons, from one of my favorite albums, welcome to the breakdown.

theres actually no particular reason i picked this song other than that it loops nicely and fits! i just wanted to list the name somewhere.